The Institute for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (ITMB) is a heart centered, dynamic educational institution dedicated to providing the highest level of integrity in therapeutic massage programs. The best way to begin your exploration is to sit down with us, get to know us, and discuss how ITMB can help you fill your place in the realm of massage and bodywork. Please click the 'events and happenings' tab above to see when our next opportunity to meet is!

As a Pennsylvania state licensed school, we instruct students using relevant, real-world information, skills and experiences designed to support excellence in the field of therapeutic massage.

We offer first-class curriculum with a holistic approach and hands-on focus. At ITMB, we encourage and cherish the interactions between students and instructors, therefore, we intentionally keep our classes small and intimate. This approach has allowed us to create more interactive classes that help the students own the knowledge that they are being presented. We present the material not through authoritarianism or intimidation, but with the students – seeing the content through their eyes, hearts, and minds – walking beside them, with the benefit of experience, not simply “monkey see/monkey do”. ITMB represents the best holistic education possible, and truly heart centered, brain forward, and professionally conscious programming in our profession – with a willingness to not only teach our students to “meet the client where they are at”, but to “meet the student where they are, and explore and guide them through the art and science of massage and bodywork.”

Education shouldn’t be easy – it should be earned, and through that – should be a point of personal pride throughout their career. It’s like the difference when teaching a child to swim – some get in the water with the child, some just throw them in the pool and say, “swim!" Our approach to education represents entering into an agreement that if we, as instructors are as committed to the student’s success as they are to learning the necessary lessons, we all will shine. We know they want to swim – they have asked us to teach them how, and have allowed us the authority to do so – and we (in the pool) invite them to swim together with us, not in front of us. Some lessons may be tougher than others, and fear may rear it’s ugly head, but we’ve been through that. Fear is not only the mind killer, it is the heart killer. Our education at ITMB is free of fear and intimidation, and will always be.

Our goal is to create confident, knowledgeable, and intuitive practitioners in the art and science of massage therapy.
We invite you to explore our website and join us. You can call to set up a private tour of the school at your convenience. Thank you for your time and consideration.
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