Our Approach to Education

Our approach to education is to provide academically rigorous, transformative course work with a liberal dose of joy and humor. As with all comprehensive curricula, some of the material presented will be dry and matter-of-fact and some may challenge you intellectually. We do, however, always strive to incorporate a joke, pun, or witticism to keep the class light-hearted.

Our instructors are sensitive to the fact that students arrive at ITMB from all stages in life—some recent graduates and other who have been out of the classroom environment for quite some time. We understand that people listen and learn in many different ways. With this awareness, we approach learning with some rather unconventional methods. Smaller classes means we can individualize and vary our teaching methods—sometimes with a straight lecture and presentation via PowerPoint, a game or physical activity, sitting in a circle relaxing and discussing a topic, or with a challenging yoga session.  Whatever educational tool is used you can be sure classes are always instructive and stimulating. We refuse to “teach a test” or to satisfy any “minimum requirement.”  We teach so that each student accesses their wisdom and begins to truly understand the concepts at hand.

We open and close every class with a centering exercise. It may be as simple as sitting in quiet contemplation or participating in a group activity, but conscious centering is very important to the educational process at ITMB. Teaching students how to bring wellness to the public through massage therapy is our focus, and the best way we feel to do this is to discipline ourselves in better methods of wellness. At ITMB we educate the intellect, the body, and ourselves to bring more aliveness, health and balance into every person who is a part of our school community.

We show up 100% in our teaching and expect students to show up 100% as well.  We require students to hold themselves accountable to high standards and we invite personal responsibility, personal integrity, and a willingness to learn and explore.  We are committed to supporting each student in becoming the highest level of qualified, educated, and knowledgeable professionals in the field.  Our love of this amazing healthcare career is contagious and we stand in gratitude for having the opportunity to assist others in changing not only their lives but the lives of those they work with.

Class Size

At ITMB our heart is in the students.  We strive to maintain intimate learning environments.  We believe that providing small classes is the ideal learning structure to ensure our students become confident and qualified massage professionals.  Smaller class sizes allow our students, as well as our instructors, to focus on the quality of their education.  Research suggests that students thrive in a small class setting.  There is nowhere to hide; students are invited to engage and interact with each other and with their instructors; small groups allow individuals to express openly, be noticed, receive whatever help they need, and be encouraged to become the type of massage therapist that is inherent to them.  Students are always respected as individuals at ITMB.  In a small class setting, teachers can adapt the curriculum to the actual students in the room rather than teach to the “average level of understanding” in the room.  We are truly proud to be one of the schools that provides such individualized, student centered education.

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